Your Eldercare Options

There are many fine retirement communities in the area and lots of construction going on. As you’ve probably noticed, retirement communities are built differently today than they were decades ago when they were fashioned after the hospital facility model. Today, these facilities are made to replicate the home environment.

Because I have an interest in elder care, I take time to personally visit the retirement communities in the area. I have collected my thoughts on each facility in a series of notes and I am happy to share my thoughts with you if you would like to contact me. Please know, I make no money from my referrals. Some living communities offer referral fees to agencies for sending clients their way. That does not sit well with me. I want to ensure my advice comes directly from my heart and is tailored to fit the needs of each individual; therefore, I decline to accept referral fees from anyone. I know what a struggle it can be to find a safe, loving environment for your loved one—that community that is the “just right” fit. I wanted that for my mother and I wanted that for my late father.

Some living options you may want to investigate:

  • Independent living – This option provides the most independence. To help fill the gaps, you can hire a companion care agency (like GraceFul Care) to come in regularly to assist with household tasks and provide transportation and conversation to ensure your loved one stays mentally active and engaged.
  • Assisted living – These long-term care facilities deliver a high level of personal-care support by providing meals, medication management, bathing help and transportation.
  • Small-home assisted living – In this setup, the care team has taken a home and turned it into a community for four to eight seniors. It is a fantastic idea because it’s just like living at home!
  • Group homes – This is another option, but this type of facility is not a licensed assisted living facility, which means there is a limit of three residents (in Virginia).