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Is Eldercare appropriate?
This is a tough question to answer.

A good rule to follow is that outside care and companionship is appropriate when the family and/or the person receiving the care determine it to be. In other words, the person who would receive care needs to agree that some sort of care or companionship is necessary, otherwise there will be difficulties.

Just because people are old does not mean they have lost their ability to think or reason! We have many horror stories where families have forced help on their parents without consulting them in advance. This causes undue friction in the family and makes our job a lot harder, if not impossible!

There are many ways to approach any hesitancy, and we can help with that process. Give us a call. Even if we are not the right organization to provide the care, we can lend an ear and give some good, practical advice. Remember, you always have friends at GraceFul Care.

Ready to Start?
Your schedule is our schedule! We can tailor a schedule to meet your needs. While other organizations require a four-hour minimum charge per visit, GraceFul Care has only a two-hour minimum charge per visit. We can come for two hours, up to 24 hours, depending on need and companion availability. A visit of 4 or 8 hours is most common, and easiest to fill.

The number of days per week and hours per day are of your choosing. There is no set requirement for a specific number of visits per week.