Founder Story


Founder Story

Care like I wanted for my mother, Grace.

GraceFul Care takes it's name from my dearest role model, my mother, Grace Thompson Dunn. Her treasures were children, family, and friends. She lived her life spreading joy, comfort, understanding, and laughter. People naturally came to her with their problems. She always listened, never scolded, and usually found solutions with a giggle and a pinch of creativity. Grace taught us all, radiating love and good humor right to her death. In her image and memory, I created GraceFul Care.

~Patricia Dunn Williams, MAT, CSA, Founder


GraceFul Care is assistance, care, and companionship for people who can no longer perform certain tasks, or who need loving attention. We remind people who are elderly, disabled, and infirm that they are important members of our society. We lift their burdens and create joy and laughter.

Founded by Pat Williams in 1995, GraceFul Care is an organization of gracious women and men who provide assistance and companionship of a non-medical nature to seniors who may be experiencing temporary or ongoing physical or mental challenges.

GraceFul Care is a family affair, with Pat's son-in-law, Daniel Flavin, taking the reins in June of 2014. Dan plans "to help carry on the same great love of service and assistance."

We are a family- and veteran-owned business based in Northern Virginia and serve the counties of Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William, Arlington, and Maryland's Montgomery County. We are expanding our base of operations all the time. We specialize in Companion care, elder care, and transportation to and from medical visits.