Benefits of Music for Alzheimer’s patients

From our friends at and Alzheimer’s Music Connect

We know communication can be challenging when caring for someone with Alzheimer’s. We’ve put together some reasons why we think music is an important part of your caregiver toolkit.

Stimulates Memories
Music brings back remote memories and can open a pathway to reconnection.
Increased Engagement
Silence never acts to promote engagement.
Increases Concentration
Listening to music forces a person to concentrate.
Soothing Sensation
Music can soothe babies and is as effective with adults to help calm them.
Energizing Sensation
Just as music can help calm a person, it can also give a person energy.
Intellectual Challenge
Music challenges a person intellectually: Songs typically represent a story that requires interpretation.
Music can touch us more deeply and reach us more profoundly than words alone.
Boosts Creativity
People listening to music tend to feel more creative in the task they are doing-even everyday tasks like bathing or dressing.
Positive Mood Changes
Music can help change a person’s mood whether they are feeling excessively up or down.