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GraceFul Care - 703-904-3994

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What is GraceFul Care?


Founded by Pat Williams in 1995, GraceFul Care is an organization of gracious women and men who provide assistance and companionship of a non-medical nature to Seniors who may be experiencing temporary or ongoing physical or mental challenges.

What types of assistance does GraceFul Care provide?

Let us know what you need!  We can make meals, drive you to appointments, or just take you out for a day of fun!!  We also provide medication reminders, read and sing with you, do shopping, manage your home and care, and do just about anything a family would do.  In short, we act like family, not just hired help.  We also can give your family the information and help they need if the time ever comes to look for Assisted Living or Nursing Home facilities.  We'll give all of you up front and honest information from which to make your decisions, and we'll help with the transition.

What does GraceFul Care not do?

We are not a maid service, and we can't do any nursing functions or lifting.  The individuals must be mobile, able to get themselves out of bed on their own and be mobile by use of a cane, walker or wheelchair.

Where do you get your caregivers?

The majority of folks come to us from our friends and their personal referrals.  We thus eliminate wasting time weeding out those who do not meet our standards.  Our people span the gamut in age and life experience.  The average caregiver is a lady over 40, retired from a professional career in Northern Virginia, and who is responsible, loving, dependable, and creative.

What areas does GraceFul Care serve?

We currently serve the Northern Virginia and suburban Maryland area, and our range is expanding.  If you need assistance in another state, we recommend that you contact your local Area Agency on Aging.

How are you paid for your services?

Medicare or Medicaid do not pay for our services.  Some of the better long-term care insurance policies will cover all or a portion of the services we provide.   We bill the client/responsible party from our office twice per month.  Payment is by check.